Do Ikea Mattresses Come Rolled Up?

Yes, Ikea mattresses come rolled up in a protective plastic casing, making them easier to transport and unpack. They can be easily moved and stored without taking up too much space. The mattress will return to its full size after unpacking.

Are you considering purchasing an IKEA mattress but want to know if it comes rolled up? Roll-packed mattresses are becoming increasingly popular as they are easy to transport and can be used immediately after unpacking. In this blog post, we will discuss the benefits and various options for IKEA mattresses and answer the question of whether IKEA mattresses come rolled up or not.

What is the Best IKEA Mattress?

When choosing the best IKEA mattress, it’s important to consider the level of support, breathability, and easy maintenance it provides. The Matrand memory foam mattress is a great option with its slim design and affordable price. It has a medium-firm feel, making it an ideal choice for couples who prefer different levels of comfort. Other popular IKEA mattresses include the MORGEDAL Foam mattress, MATRAND Memory foam mattress, HAUGSVÄR Hybrid mattress, HIDRASUND pocket sprung mattress, and Knapstad memory foam mattress. The Knapstad mattress is particularly well-suited for hot sleepers, and hybrid mattresses are a great compromise for many sleepers. IKEA also offers foam mattresses, such as the Morgedal Foam Mattress, which is one of their top sellers. All IKEA mattresses come rolled up for easy shipping and storage.

Benefits of Roll-Packed Mattresses

Compressing a mattress into a roll-packed format has many benefits, whether you are buying an Ikea mattress or any other type. Roll-packing your mattress offers convenience, cost savings and peace of mind.

Convenience is one of the primary benefits of roll-packed mattresses. This type of packaging takes up significantly less space than a traditional mattress, making it more suitable for customers who have limited storage space or who are looking to move easily. A rolled mattress is also easier to transport, as it can fit into cars or be easily carried.

Cost savings are another advantage of roll-packed mattresses. The smaller size of this type of mattress results in lower shipping costs, which can be passed on to the customer in the form of lower prices. Additionally, the manufacturing process for roll-packed mattresses is typically more efficient, leading to lower production costs.

Lastly, roll-packed mattresses offer peace of mind. Compressing a mattress in this way ensures that it is kept in pristine condition throughout the entire delivery process, so you can trust that your mattress will arrive in perfect condition.

To sum up, roll-packed mattresses offer a variety of benefits, from convenience and cost savings to peace of mind. Whether you are looking for an Ikea mattress or any other type, considering a roll-packed mattress may be a great option for you.

IKEA Mattress Options

To answer this question, we collected useful information on the different IKEA mattress options, including which types come rolled up, the delivery process, and how to roll up and unroll a mattress.

Which IKEA Mattresses Come Rolled Up?

Most IKEA mattresses and mattress toppers come conveniently roll-packed, so they take up less space and the cost of transport is reduced. Once unrolled, they usually require 3 days or 72 hours to fully expand. However, unlike other rolled-up mattresses, IKEA mattresses do not come in a box. Certain IKEA mattress models, such as pocket sprung ones, are usually flat-packed. That said, it is possible to re-roll an IKEA mattress for transport or storage. So if you’re looking for a mattress that comes roll-packed, IKEA is a great option.

Are Mattresses Rolled Up When Delivered?

Yes, Ikea mattresses are typically rolled up when delivered, making them easier to transport. This allows for great flexibility when it comes to carrying it up stairs, around corners, or through tight spaces. Moreover, when the mattress is unrolled, it quickly regains its shape, allowing for a comfortable sleep experience.

To ensure the mattress is not damaged during the delivery process, Ikea uses high-quality packing materials. The mattress is tightly rolled and covered with a protective cover, then placed in a bag or box. This prevents the mattress from becoming scuffed, scratched, or otherwise damaged.

It’s important to note that, depending on the mattress, the delivery process may vary. Some larger mattresses may need to be delivered in two pieces, while twin, bunk, and split beds come as one piece. Be sure to check the product description before ordering so you know what to expect.

In conclusion, Ikea mattresses are rolled up when delivered to make them easier to transport. This feature, combined with their high-quality packing materials, helps to ensure the mattress is protected throughout the delivery process.

Can You Roll Back Up an IKEA Mattress?

The answer is yes, you can roll back up an IKEA mattress for transport or storage. Most IKEA mattresses are made from foam and can easily be rolled up and packed in a box for shipping. However, some mattresses may require more force than others, so using a rolling cart can make the process much easier.

Before making a purchase, it is important to check the IKEA website to ensure that the mattress is roll-packed. Additionally, memory foam mattresses can be further secured with one or two ropes of any material for extra security.

In summary, if you are looking for an IKEA mattress that is easily transportable or storable, you can rest assured that you can roll back up an IKEA mattress. With a little extra effort and the right materials, you can easily pack up your mattress and move it wherever you need to go.

Can You Sleep On a Rolled Mattress Straight Away IKEA?

Yes, you can sleep on a rolled up IKEA mattress straight away. IKEA mattresses are designed with limited upholstery and come with a comfort zone that provides pressure relief for a restful sleep. However, it is recommended to wait up to 72 hours for the mattress to reach its full volume and comfort. This will ensure that you get the best possible sleep experience. So, if you are in need of a mattress quickly, a rolled up IKEA mattress is a great option that can be used immediately.


In conclusion, the answer to the question “Do Ikea Mattresses Come Rolled Up?” is yes. Many IKEA mattresses come rolled up when delivered, while some are not. However, it is possible to roll back up an IKEA mattress, and you can sleep on it straight away. All in all, IKEA mattresses are a great option for those looking for a convenient and comfortable mattress.

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