Does Denver Mattress Offer Military Discount?

Yes, Denver Mattress offers a military discount! All active duty, retired, and veteran members of the US military receive 10% off in-store purchases. To redeem, simply show your military ID in-store.

Are you a veteran, active-duty military personnel, or military spouse looking for a great deal on a new mattress? If so, you might be wondering if Denver Mattress offers military discounts. In this post, we will discuss if Denver Mattress does offer military discounts, their Better Sleep Guarantee policy, CR’s review of the company, a Queen Mattress for veterans and active-duty military, how to dispose of old mattresses, and the Denver Mattress Serial Number Lookup.

Is Furniture Row and Denver Mattress the Same Company?

No, Furniture Row and Denver Mattress are not the same company. Furniture Row is a furniture retail chain with stores located throughout the United States, while Denver Mattress is a mattress and bedding manufacturer and retailer. The two companies are not related, though they do sometimes share locations. Denver Mattress is owned by Furniture Row parent company, Furniture Brands International, so they often have Denver Mattress showrooms within Furniture Row stores. While the two companies have different ownership, they both offer great quality products and excellent customer service.

Military Discounts:

To answer this question, let’s look at two specific policies offered by Denver Mattress: their military discounts and their Better Sleep Guarantee policy.

Do They Offer Military Discounts?

When it comes to finding the best deals on Denver Mattress products, military personnel and their families may be wondering if they offer military discounts. The answer is yes, Denver Mattress proudly offers special discounts to active duty and retired military members.

For those eligible, Denver Mattress offers a 10% discount on all purchases, as well as a free mattress protector. To take advantage of this military discount, customers can present a valid military ID or proof of service at the time of purchase.

In addition to this military discount, Denver Mattress also offers regular sales and promotional offers throughout the year. Customers should always check the website for the latest discounts and promotions, as well as any special offers that may be available for military personnel and their families.

To sum it up, Denver Mattress proudly offers military discounts, as well as regular sales and promotional offers. Active duty and retired military members can take advantage of the 10% discount on all purchases, plus a free mattress protector, when they present a valid military ID or proof of service at the time of purchase.

Better Sleep Guarantee Policy

Denver Mattress offers a Better Sleep Guarantee policy to all members of the military and their families. This policy provides a full refund for any mattress purchased from one of our stores within a 90-day period. If the mattress does not provide a comfortable and restful sleep, Denver Mattress will replace it with a mattress of equal or greater value at no extra cost. In addition, the Better Sleep Guarantee policy also offers a 20% discount on all mattress accessories when purchased with a regularly priced mattress. This policy provides a great way for members of the military and their families to ensure they get the best possible night’s sleep at a affordable price.

CR’s Review of the Denver Mattress Company

Considering the quality of the materials, variety of options, and price point offered by Denver Mattress, it is important to understand whether they offer a military discount on their products.

Quality of Materials

When it comes to quality of materials, the Denver Mattress Company has established itself as a leader in the mattress industry. Their mattresses are made from high-quality materials that are designed to provide superior comfort and support. In addition, they use CertiPUR-US certified foams which are designed to meet the highest standards of environmental and performance standards. The company also ensures that all its materials have passed stringent safety tests and are free from any hazardous substances. As a result, Denver Mattress is able to offer a military discount to those who serve in the armed forces. With their quality of materials, Denver Mattress provides customers with a comfortable and supportive sleeping experience, making it an ideal option for those in the military.

Variety of Options

When it comes to shopping for a mattress, the Denver Mattress Company offers a wide variety of options. Whether you’re looking for a mattress to fit your budget, a mattress with special features, or a mattress that caters to your particular sleep needs, you’ll find something to fit your needs. In addition, the company offers an array of discounts and deals to military personnel, making it even easier to find the perfect mattress for you. With a wide selection of mattresses, price points, and features available, you’re sure to find the mattress that’s right for you.

Price Point

The Denver Mattress Company offers competitive prices on their products, making them an attractive option for those looking for a quality mattress. The company offers a wide range of mattress types and sizes, making it easy to find a mattress that fits your needs. Additionally, Denver Mattress offers discounts for active military members and veterans, making it possible to get a quality mattress at an even more affordable price. With their commitment to offering top-notch quality at an accessible price point, Denver Mattress is an ideal choice for those seeking a new mattress.

Queen Mattress for Veterans and Active Duty Military

With the growing popularity of queen mattresses among veterans and active duty military, many are looking into finding the best deal possible. One of the most sought after discounts is the military discount, so let’s take a look at whether Denver Mattress offers this special pricing.

Benefits of Owning a Queen Mattress

When it comes to finding the perfect mattress for veterans and active duty military, a queen mattress is often the ideal choice. A queen mattress offers a number of benefits that make it an ideal choice for those who have served in the military.

Firstly, a queen mattress provides plenty of space to sleep comfortably. This is especially important for veterans and active duty personnel who may be dealing with physical injuries or other health issues that require extra support when sleeping.

Furthermore, the extra space a queen mattress provides also makes it perfect for couples who may be stationed at different locations due to military service. A queen mattress ensures both partners can comfortably sleep in the same bed, even when one partner is away.

In addition, a queen mattress can also help veterans and active duty personnel save money. Many veterans and active duty military personnel may be living on a budget and a queen mattress can help reduce the cost of buying two separate beds.

Finally, a queen mattress is also ideal for those who struggle to find the perfect mattress size. A queen mattress is larger than a twin but smaller than a king, making it the perfect size for veterans and active duty military personnel who may need something slightly larger than a twin but not as large as a king.

Unfortunately, Denver Mattress does not currently offer military discounts, however, a queen mattress may still be the best choice for veterans and active duty military personnel. With its many benefits, a queen mattress can provide veterans and active duty personnel with a comfortable and supportive sleeping experience that can last for years.

How to Get a Military Discount

Yes, Denver Mattress does offer a military discount for veterans and active duty military personnel. To get the discount, you must provide proof of your service, such as a Military ID Card, DD-214, VA Benefits Card, Veterans ID Card, State Identification Card, or other proof of service. Popular military discounts include 20% off for military personnel, US Military Get Huge Sitewide Savings Plus Exclusive Reward, and 10% discount on Apple products and accessories. Additionally, many companies offer military discounts for their products and services, so it’s definitely worth researching to see if you can find any additional savings. To find out more about military discounts and career programs, visit Military Discounts & Career Programs.

Does Denver Mattress Take Old Mattresses?

Denver Mattress may not take old mattresses, but they do offer discounts to military personnel – let’s explore how to take advantage of these savings.

Does Denver Mattress Pick Up Old Mattresses?

At Denver Mattress, we understand that disposing of an old mattress can be a hassle. That’s why we offer an Old Mattress Pick-Up service for customers who are interested in upgrading to a new mattress. For a small fee, our team of professionals will collect your old mattress and take care of it in an environmentally responsible manner. Unfortunately, our Old Mattress Pick-Up service does not offer any military discounts. However, we are proud to offer a 10% discount to all active duty and veterans for any mattress purchase.

How to Dispose of Old Mattresses

When you purchase a new mattress from Denver Mattress, you may be wondering what to do with your old mattress. The good news is that Denver Mattress does offer mattress disposal services. There are several options available to help you dispose of your old mattress, depending on where you live.

In California, you can drop off the mattress at a participating collection site or event, search for a local recycling center to accept the mattress, take advantage of a free mattress recycling program, or ask the store where you bought a new mattress to take the old one for recycling. Additionally, some mattress brands may offer a pick-up option, donating the mattress to local charities and shelters, or posting the mattress in giveaway groups. Finally, for those in King County, there is a $30 mattress handling fee that must be paid at the transfer station or landfill.

Denver Mattress can help make disposing of your old mattress more convenient. They have a mattress removal service and can help you schedule a pick-up for your old mattress. If you decide to take advantage of this service, be sure to call ahead and inquire about the cost of the pick-up.

By disposing of your old mattress properly, you can help keep our environment clean and healthy. With the help of Denver Mattress, you can easily and conveniently get rid of your old mattress.

Denver Mattress Serial Number Lookup

In addition to military discounts, Denver Mattress also offers a serial number lookup service to help customers determine the age and origin of their mattress. Let’s take a look at how it works.

What is the Denver Mattress Serial Number?

The Denver Mattress Serial Number is a unique identifier for each mattress the company sells. It is located on the mattress tag and can be found on the CSP order page. This number is necessary to be eligible for the 5 Years No Interest guarantee on purchases of $2999 or more, and it can also be used to identify the specific mattress purchased, in case a customer is looking for a military discount. The serial number is essential for customers to take advantage of the great deals offered by Denver Mattress.

How to Look Up the Serial Number

If you’re looking for a Denver Mattress military discount, the first step is to look up the serial number of your product. This can be done in a few different ways depending on the type of product you’re looking for.

For most products, the serial number can be found in the device settings, on the product box, and even on the SIM card tray. Additionally, there are some software programs and commands that can help you locate the serial number.

If you have a fancy serial number on a banknote, you can use the Fancy Serial Number Checker to check the worth of your number. This can be useful in verifying your eligibility for a military discount.

By looking up the serial number of your product, you can take the first step towards getting a Denver Mattress military discount. Knowing the serial number can help you get the discount you deserve!


In conclusion, Denver Mattress does offer military discounts to veterans and active duty military personnel. They have a wide variety of quality mattress options at an affordable price point. They also have a pickup service for old mattresses and a serial number lookup system to help customers find the exact mattress they need. With a wide variety of options and military discounts, Denver Mattress is a great choice for anyone looking for a new mattress.

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