Does Koala Mattress Ship Internationally?

Yes, Koala Mattress does ship internationally! They offer free shipping to most countries in the European Union, as well as the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Delivery times vary based on location, but usually take between 5-10 business days.

Do you know that Koala Mattress is now shipping internationally? In this blog post, we will discuss how Koala Mattress is shipping internationally, how beds and mattresses are delivered, is Koala made in China, why does the mattress smell, and a Koala Mattress review. Read on to learn more about Koala Mattress and its international shipping.

Does Koala Mattress Ship Internationally?

Koala Mattress ships to Australia and Japan, with same-day delivery available in major cities. Customers outside these countries can also purchase products through the Koala website, with a range of international shipping options available.

For those interested in ordering Koala Mattress products from abroad, let’s take a look at the details of Koala’s international orders and Koala Living delivery.

International Orders

Yes, Koala Mattress ships internationally! While shipping outside of Australia can be expensive, Koala Mattress offers international customers the convenience of ordering online with delivery to their door.

When ordering from Koala Mattress internationally, customers need to take into account the additional costs of shipping and international taxes. Customers should also be aware that the delivery time may be extended due to customs clearance and other factors.

To make the process easier for our international customers, Koala Mattress offers a variety of payment options including credit card, PayPal, and bank transfer. Additionally, we offer a range of shipping options to ensure that international orders are delivered conveniently and cost-effectively.

So, if you’re looking for a comfortable and supportive mattress for your home overseas, Koala Mattress is the perfect choice. With our fast and reliable international shipping, you can get your Koala Mattress delivered right to your door.

Koala Living Delivery

Koala Living delivers on the promise of fast, safe, and reliable international shipping. With Koala Living, you can enjoy the convenience of having your mattress shipped directly to your doorstep, no matter where you live. We make sure that every mattress is securely packed and safely transported to its destination. Our international shipping options include express delivery, standard delivery, and white glove delivery, giving you the ability to choose the most suitable option for your needs. Furthermore, Koala Living also offers free delivery within Australia and New Zealand, along with a range of excellent discounts for customers outside these two countries. With Koala Living, you can rest assured that your mattress will arrive on time and in perfect condition.

Beds & Mattresses Delivery

Strategically delivering your bed and mattress is key to a comfortable night’s sleep. Let’s explore what options Koala Mattress USA offers for international delivery.

Do I Need To Be Home To Receive My Delivery?

At Koala Mattress, we understand the importance of convenience when it comes to receiving your bed or mattress, especially when you’re ordering from abroad. That’s why we want to make sure that you are well-informed and confident when ordering from us. The answer to the question “Do I need to be home to receive my delivery?” is – Yes, you will need to be present to receive your delivery.

For international orders, it is important to note that the person receiving the order must be present at the time of delivery in order to sign for the package. Without a signature, the package will not be delivered and will be returned to sender.

For domestic orders, you can choose from our standard delivery option which typically requires a signature upon delivery, or our self-collection option where you can pick up your order from one of our processing centres.

At Koala Mattress, we want to make sure that all our customers are 100% satisfied with our delivery services. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our customer service team who are always available and happy to help.

Koala Mattress USA Same Day Mattress Delivery

When it comes to mattress delivery, Koala Mattress USA offers an unbeatable service for US customers: same-day delivery! That’s right – when you order a Koala Mattress, you can have it delivered to your door the very same day.

No matter where you live in the US, you can take advantage of Koala’s same-day delivery service. Whether you live in San Francisco, New York, Chicago, or any other city, you can get your Koala Mattress delivered on the same day.

Unfortunately, Koala Mattress does not offer international delivery at this time. So while US customers can enjoy same-day delivery, customers outside the US will have to wait for their Koala Mattress to be delivered.

We hope to be able to offer international delivery in the future, but for now, US customers are the only ones who can reap the benefits of same-day delivery from Koala Mattress.

Next Day Mattress Delivery

Having the perfect mattress delivered to your doorstep in a jiffy is the dream for many. That’s why Koala Mattress offers their customers next day mattress delivery on all beds and mattresses shipped within Australia. With this convenient delivery option, you can enjoy the utmost comfort of your new mattress in just one day.

Unfortunately, Koala Mattress does not offer next day delivery on international orders. However, all international orders are shipped via a local courier service to ensure a speedy delivery. Delivery usually takes between 5-7 business days, depending on your location.

So, if you’re looking for the perfect mattress delivered to your doorstep quickly, Koala Mattress is the perfect choice. With next day delivery available within Australia, you can enjoy the utmost comfort of your new mattress in no time!

Is Koala Made In China?

As Koala is a global brand, it is important to investigate the quality of materials used to make the mattress, as well as the quality checks implemented to ensure the mattress meets safety standards.

Materials Used

At Koala, we only use the highest quality materials from Australia and around the world, including from China. Our mattresses are made with a combination of ethically sourced, breathable and durable materials, such as:

• Australian-made Dunlop foam – made from 100% natural latex and designed to provide superior comfort and support. • High-density Energex foam – designed to provide superior comfort and cushioning. • Merino wool – all-natural fibres that are breathable and help regulate body temperature. • Bamboo fabric – designed to be hypoallergenic, breathable and temperature regulating.

The combination of these materials creates a mattress that is supportive, breathable and comfortable, no matter where you live. Plus, Koala mattresses are designed to be lightweight and easy to ship, making them suitable for international delivery.

Quality Check

When it comes to the quality of Koala Mattress, you can rest assured that they take the utmost pride in ensuring their products meet the highest quality standards. Their mattresses are made exclusively in China using only the finest materials to guarantee a comfortable, supportive sleep.

Koala Mattress uses CertiPUR-US certified foam, which is the most rigorous certification available and ensures that the foam used in their mattresses is free from harmful chemicals and meets strict environmental standards. Additionally, their mattresses are tested for durability, consistency, and support, so you can be sure that you are getting a quality product.

To further ensure the quality of their mattresses, Koala Mattress offers a 100 night trial period, so you can be sure that you are getting the perfect mattress for your needs. If the mattress does not meet your expectations, you can return it for a full refund.

All in all, Koala Mattress is dedicated to providing customers with the highest quality mattresses and sleeping experience. With their rigorous standards, CertiPUR-US certified foam, and 100 night trial period, you can be sure that you are getting a quality mattress that is sure to provide comfortable, supportive sleep.

Why Does My Koala Mattress Smell?

Koala mattresses may smell due to the chemicals and manufacturing processes used in their production. The scent can last from a few hours to 3 days, but is not harmful. To reduce the smell, air the mattress for 24 hours and use a mattress protector and vacuum with low suction. Essential oils should not be used as they can be poisonous for animals.

To understand why your Koala mattress may smell, it is important to consider off-gassing, unpacking the mattress, and the natural materials used in the production process.


Off-gassing is a natural process that occurs when certain materials, such as foam, release gases after being compressed for shipping or storage. If you experience a slight smell when you first unbox your Koala mattress, it is likely due to off-gassing.

Fortunately, off-gassing is a temporary phenomenon and should dissipate within a few days, depending on the ventilation in the room. To help speed up the process, we recommend airing out the mattress in a well-ventilated space for 48 hours before sleeping on it.

It is important to note that off-gassing is not limited to Koala mattresses, and can occur with most foam mattresses. However, Koala mattresses are constructed with premium foams that are low-VOC and designed to minimize the off-gassing process.

No matter where you are in the world, you can rest assured knowing that your Koala mattress will not produce any long-term health or environmental risks.

Unpacking The Mattress

Unpacking a Koala Mattress can be a daunting task, especially when you’re unfamiliar with the process. That’s why it is important to understand the basics of unpacking and disposing of your mattress correctly.

When you receive your Koala Mattress, the box will contain the mattress, along with a set of instructions that will walk you through the unpacking process. Before you begin, make sure to lay down a protective covering over the area where you plan to unpack the mattress. This will help protect the floor and the mattress from any dirt or debris that could be transferred during the unpacking process.

To start the unpacking process, cut the tape on the box and open the flaps carefully. Then, carefully remove the mattress from the box and place it on the protective covering. Once the mattress is in place, remove the plastic wrap from the mattress and dispose of it according to local regulations.

Next, gently roll the mattress out on the floor, starting from the foot of the bed. Once the mattress is fully unrolled, you should be able to see the top of the mattress and the sides. When the mattress is fully unrolled, gently press down on the top of the mattress to help it reach its full size.

Finally, remove any remaining packaging, such as the plastic wrap, from the mattress and dispose of it according to local regulations. Once the mattress is unpacked, it is ready to be used.

Keep in mind, when unpacking your Koala Mattress, it is important to follow the instructions carefully and take your time to ensure the mattress is unpacked correctly. Doing so will help you get the most out of your mattress and reduce the risk of any damage.

Natural Materials

When it comes to sleeping comfort, natural materials are often the way to go. Koala mattresses are made of natural latex and wool, sourced from sustainably managed farms and plantations. This ensures that the mattress maintains its superior breathability and cooling capabilities, which can help keep you comfortable throughout the night. Natural materials also offer superior support, which is why Koala mattresses are so popular.

However, natural materials also come with a unique scent. This is usually caused by the natural oils in the materials, and it can take some time for the smell to dissipate. It’s also important to note that this smell is natural and harmless, and will eventually go away.

So, while Koala mattresses do ship internationally, they can have a unique smell when first unboxed. This is perfectly normal and should dissipate over time. If you have any concerns, please contact our customer service team for more information.

Koala Mattress In A Box Unboxing

Now that we know how to unbox the Koala Mattress In A Box, let’s explore if Koala Mattress ships internationally.

Step-By-Step Unboxing

Unwrapping Koala Mattress In A Box is a straightforward and exciting process. To make sure you get the full Koala Mattress experience, here’s a step-by-step guide to unboxing your Koala Mattress.

First, carefully remove the Koala Mattress from its packaging. When you open the box, you’ll find four layers of high-quality foam encased in a soft and breathable cover. Make sure to take out each layer separately.

Second, unroll the mattress and lay it flat on your bed frame. Make sure you have ample space to move the mattress around and position it properly.

Third, place the first layer, the Koala Mattress Comfort Layer, onto the bed frame. This layer provides comfort and helps the mattress conform to your body’s curves.

Fourth, lay the second layer, the Koala Mattress Support Layer, on top of the Comfort Layer. This layer provides superior support and helps the mattress stay in shape over time.

Fifth, place the third layer, the Koala Mattress Cooling Layer, on top of the Support Layer. This layer helps keep your mattress cool and comfortable and prevents you from overheating during sleep.

Finally, place the fourth layer, the Koala Mattress Cover, onto the mattress. This layer helps keep your mattress clean and makes it easier to clean and maintain.

Once you’ve completed these steps, your Koala Mattress is all set up and ready to give you a great night’s sleep. Enjoy!

So, does Koala Mattress ship internationally? The answer is yes! Koala Mattress ships to over 40 countries worldwide, so no matter where you are, you can enjoy the luxurious comfort of a Koala Mattress.

Unwrapping The Mattress

Unwrapping your Koala mattress in a box is both easy and stress-free. When your Koala mattress is delivered, it will be expertly packaged in a box that is designed to keep your mattress safe and secure during transit. To unbox your mattress, all you have to do is place the box on a flat surface, cut the plastic with a pair of scissors or a knife, and gently pull the mattress out of the box. Once you have removed the mattress from the box, simply place it onto your bed frame and let it expand – no setup is required.

Your Koala mattress will expand almost instantly, however, it may take up to 48 hours for your mattress to reach its full size. When you unbox your mattress, be sure to inspect it thoroughly for any damage that may have occurred during transit. If you find any tears, rips, bumps, or small imperfections, please contact us immediately and we will assist you with a resolution.

Koala Mattress ships internationally, so you can enjoy the same great comfort, quality, and convenience no matter where you live. All you have to do is enter your destination country at checkout and your mattress will be shipped directly to your door.

Setting Up The Mattress

Setting up your Koala Mattress in a Box is an easy and hassle-free process. All Koala Mattresses are shipped in a conveniently compressed box, making it easy to transport and set up in any room. Within minutes of unboxing, you can have your Koala Mattress ready for a good night’s sleep.

To begin, simply remove the mattress from the box and lay it in the desired position. To ensure the mattress is fully expanded, you can cut the plastic wrap and remove the corner straps. Once these steps are complete, your Koala Mattress is ready to be used.

For international customers, Koala Mattress ships to select countries around the world. Customers can check the Koala website for a comprehensive list of available countries. However, please note that international customers are responsible for any additional customs fees or taxes.

Overall, setting up the Koala Mattress is a simple and straightforward process that can be done in minutes. With its convenient shipping and easy assembly, Koala Mattress is the perfect mattress option for any international customer.

Koala Mattress Review: The New Koala Mattress

As we have discussed the features of the Koala Mattress, let’s now explore the international shipping capabilities of this revolutionary mattress.

Comfort Level

When it comes to finding a mattress that offers superior comfort, the Koala Mattress is an excellent choice. With its unique combination of supportive memory foam and cooling gel-infused foam, the Koala mattress provides a perfect balance of support and comfort. The mattress is designed to contour and cradle your body, providing an optimal sleeping experience. Additionally, the mattress is designed to minimize motion transfer, ensuring a more restful sleep for both partners. All in all, the Koala mattress provides an unrivaled level of comfort and support, making it an ideal choice for those looking for a mattress that provides the perfect balance of comfort and support.

Support & Pressure Relief

The Koala Mattress offers superior support and pressure relief due to its unique construction. It features a top layer of breathable foam which helps to reduce heat retention, while the second layer is made up of individually-wrapped coils that provide superior pressure-point relief and support. Additionally, the third layer is composed of high-density foam which provides additional support and reduces motion transfer, making it ideal for couples. All of these features combined make the Koala Mattress an ideal choice for anyone looking for targeted support and pressure relief.

Temperature Regulation

The Koala Mattress is designed to keep you cool and comfortable throughout the night. It features a unique temperature-regulating technology that helps regulate your body temperature and keeps you from overheating. The mattress is designed with a layer of breathable, open-cell foam that allows air to circulate freely and helps maintain a consistent temperature. Additionally, the mattress is covered with a cooling top layer of Koala Comfort Fabric, which helps to draw heat away from your body. This ensures that you stay at an ideal temperature throughout the night. Ultimately, the Koala Mattress is designed to provide a comfortable and cool sleeping experience, no matter where you are in the world.

Motion Isolation

Motion isolation is an important factor to consider when deciding on a new mattress, and the Koala mattress certainly delivers. Boasting a top layer of memory foam, the Koala mattress is designed to provide superior motion isolation, meaning that if one person moves, it won’t disturb the other person sleeping in the bed. This is because the memory foam allows for individual movement while simultaneously distributing the weight evenly across the mattress. This ensures that one person’s movements won’t reverberate through the bed, providing a peaceful night’s sleep.

In addition to offering motion isolation, the Koala mattress also provides superior edge support, which is another important factor when choosing a mattress. The Koala mattress is designed with a sturdy perimeter that allows users to sleep soundly without worrying about sagging or rolling off the edge of the bed.

To answer the main question: does Koala Mattress ship internationally? The answer is yes, it does. Koala Mattress provides international shipping to many countries around the world, so whether you’re in the US or the UK, you can access the Koala mattress and enjoy its superior motion isolation and edge support.


In conclusion, Koala Mattress does not currently ship overseas, however, they do offer a range of domestic delivery options, including same-day and next-day delivery. They use high-quality materials and ensure a rigorous quality control process, and their mattresses are designed to provide comfort and support, as well as temperature regulation and motion isolation.

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