What Hypnos Mattress Is In Premier Inn?

Premier Inn uses the Hypnos Pillow Top mattress, providing guests with a medium comfort level. It features 1000 individual pocket springs, offering superior support and comfort. The mattress is upholstered with a layer of wool, delivering further comfort and breathability. For added convenience, the mattress is also easy to maintain.

The Hypnos Mattress is an award winning mattress found in Premier Inn hotels across the UK. It is manufactured by one of the oldest bed makers in the world, Hypnos, and designed for a comfortable night’s sleep. In this blog post, we will explore what makes the Hypnos mattress so special, including who makes it, what is a Divan and how it impacts the mattress, how deep is a Hypnos Pillow Top Mattress, should we turn a Premier Inn Hypnos Mattress, is the mattress covered by a guarantee, what is a pillow top mattress and how to enjoy hotel quality at home with a Hypnos mattress.

Who Makes Premier Inn Mattresses?

Hypnos is the mattress provider of choice for Premier Inn, providing a range of comfort levels to suit all guests. Let’s explore how Hypnos have become the go-to provider for Premier Inn.

How Hypnos Have Provided Premier Inn with their Beds

Since 2004, Hypnos have been the trusted mattress provider of choice for Premier Inn. Hypnos create mattresses designed to give guests the perfect night’s sleep, featuring machine washable pillows and protectors for extra convenience. What’s more, guests have the chance to purchase the same mattress for their own home, allowing them to recreate the comfortable sleep experience they enjoyed at Premier Inn.

The Hypnos mattress range features a forest of coils that provide superior support and a wool-filled topper for extra softness, making it a great choice for anyone looking for a comfortable mattress. Reviews of the Hypnos mattress have been generally positive, with customers noting that the mattress was well-made and supportive. However, some customers have reported issues with the mattress sagging or developing indentations after a few years.

For those looking to replicate the sleep experience they enjoyed at a Premier Inn, Hypnos is the best choice. With a range of mattresses designed to suit all comfort levels, Hypnos provides a great solution for anyone looking for a comfortable night’s sleep.

What is a Divan and How Does it Impact the Hypnos Mattress?

When it comes to getting a good night’s sleep, it’s not just the mattress that matters. It’s essential to have a good base too, and that’s where the Hypnos Mattress and Divan come in. The Divan is an important part of the sleep experience, as it provides a supportive foundation for the mattress, and can affect the feel of the mattress.

Hypnos handcrafts high-quality divan beds, offering a great base for any mattress. The range of Hypnos divan beds are designed to provide both comfort and support, and can be tailored to the customer’s exact requirements. The divan base offers a range of storage options, with or without drawers. This helps to create a customised sleep environment which is tailored to the individual’s needs.

The Hypnos divan bed also has a lower environmental impact, as the materials are all sustainably sourced and 100% recyclable. Hypnos mattresses also come with a ten-year guarantee, so it is important to ensure the mattress is tested on the correct type of divan base. The divan can have an impact on the feel of the mattress, as different divans can affect how hard or soft the mattress is.

Replacing a mattress is a big decision, and there are many factors that should be taken into account. It’s important to consider the divan base as well as the mattress, as the right combination can have a positive effect on our wellbeing. The Hypnos divan bed can provide the necessary foundation for a great night’s sleep, and can help to minimise our environmental impact.

How Deep is a Hypnos Pillow Top Mattress?

The Hypnos Pillow Top Mattress is a luxurious, non-allergenic, no-turn mattress designed to provide a blissful sleep. It is topped with soft pillow top additions made of wool, latex, synthetic latex, and/or cotton, making it a great option for side sleepers. The mattress features a ReActive™ pocket spring system with 8 active turns, which are designed to actively sense your body for maximum comfort and support. The Hypnos Pillow Top Mattress has a depth of 30.5 cm / 12” and is available in a medium comfort level. The Hypnos Premier Pillow Top Hotel Mattress is slightly deeper at 29 cm, so it is compatible with standard bed sheets. For optimal performance, you should turn your Hypnos Pillow Top Mattress every 6-8 weeks to ensure even wear and tear. For the best prices on the Hypnos Pillow Top Mattress, be sure to check out the online Hypnos bed experts.

Should We Turn a Premier Inn Hypnos Mattress?

If you’ve ever stayed in a Premier Inn, chances are you’ve experienced the comfort of a Hypnos mattress. Hypnos mattresses are known for their comfort and durability, so it’s no surprise that they’ve become the mattress of choice for many hotels. But should you turn a Hypnos mattress in a Premier Inn?

The answer to this question depends on the type of mattress you have. Hypnos mattresses are designed to be turned, so if you have a Hypnos mattress with two separate layers, then it’s recommended that you turn it every few months. This will help keep it in good condition and ensure that you get the best night’s sleep.

However, if you have a Hypnos mattress with a single layer, then you should not turn it. This type of mattress is designed to be used as is and does not need to be turned. Turning a single layer Hypnos mattress may actually cause it to wear out faster and decrease its lifespan.

Ultimately, the decision on whether or not to turn a Premier Inn Hypnos mattress is up to you. If you have a double-layer mattress, then it’s recommended that you turn it every few months for maximum comfort and longevity. However, if you have a single-layer mattress, then you should not turn it to ensure that it lasts as long as possible.

Is the Hypnos Mattress Covered by a Guarantee?

At Hypnos, we take great pride in the quality of our mattresses, which is why we provide a 10-year guarantee on all Hypnos mattresses sold, including those found at Premier Inn. This means that if you purchase a Hypnos mattress at Premier Inn, then you can be sure it is covered by our 10-year guarantee.

Our guarantee covers all manufacturing defects and will protect you from any issues that may arise from normal use over the course of the 10-year period. Should you experience a defect during this time, you can contact us for repair or replacement of your mattress.

At Hypnos, we understand that a comfortable night’s sleep is essential to your wellbeing, so we stand by our commitment to ensure you get the restful sleep you deserve. We are confident in the quality of our mattresses, so you can be sure that when you purchase a Hypnos mattress at Premier Inn, you are getting a quality product that is covered by our 10-year guarantee.

What is a Pillow Top Mattress?

A pillow top mattress is a type of mattress that has an extra layer of padding or cushioning on the top surface known as a ‘pillow top’. This layer is usually sewn onto the top of the mattress and gives the mattress a soft, comfortable feel. Pillow tops are often made from high-density poly-foam, memory foam, or innerspring coils, depending on the type of mattress. Pillow tops can also be found in combination with mattress pads or toppers that are made from quilted material and fitted with strong elastic to provide extra comfort and durability.

A Hypnos mattress in Premier Inn is a type of pillow top mattress that is designed to offer superior comfort and support. It is made from a combination of innerspring coils and high-density foam, which provides a comfortable sleeping surface. The mattress also comes with a deep pocket skirt and strong elastic to ensure the mattress pad stays securely in place. Additionally, the mattress is machine-washable, so you can enjoy years of refreshed and sniffle-free sleep.

Enjoy Hotel Quality at Home with a Hypnos Mattress

Are you tired of never getting a good night’s sleep? Do you want to recreate the feeling of sleeping in a luxurious hotel bed in the comfort of your own home? With a Hypnos mattress, you can experience the same level of comfort and quality that you would find in a premier hotel.

Hypnos mattresses are world-renowned for their superior quality and luxury. Hypnos mattresses are used in many of the world’s leading hotels, including Premier Inn. Their mattresses are designed and built to provide maximum support and comfort for a restful night’s sleep.

The Hypnos mattress range offers a range of mattress types, from pocket sprung to memory foam, to suit different sleeping styles and needs. Each mattress is handmade with natural materials such as wool, silk, and cashmere, providing superior comfort and breathability for a better night’s sleep.

Hypnos mattresses are also designed to last. Their mattresses come with a 10-year guarantee, so you can be sure that your mattress will remain comfortable and supportive for years to come.

So why not enjoy the same hotel quality sleep that you would get in a Premier Inn at home with a Hypnos mattress? Invest in a Hypnos mattress today and experience the difference for yourself.


In conclusion, the Hypnos Mattress used in Premier Inn is a high quality mattress designed to provide comfort while you sleep. It is made by Hypnos, a leading mattress manufacturer, and is available in a variety of sizes and styles. The mattress is designed with a Divan base and is made with a deep pillow top mattress to provide comfort and support. It is also covered by a guarantee for added peace of mind. Finally, with a Hypnos mattress, you can bring the hotel experience into your own home.

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