Which End Of A Mattress Is The Head Casper?

The head end of a Casper mattress is identified by the Casper logo printed on the side. It’s usually the side with the mattress tag. The head end is the side you would normally sleep closest to when lying down.

Are you curious about the Casper Select mattress and how to properly care for it? Knowing which end of the mattress is the head end is an important part of properly caring for your Casper Select mattress. In this blog post, we will explore the Casper Select mattress and how to properly care for it, including how to rotate a mattress by yourself, which side is up on a Casper mattress, whether a Casper mattress can be flipped, which side the softer side should be towards, how often you should rotate a mattress, unboxing the Casper Hybrid mattress, and how to understand which end of the Casper mattress is the head. By the end of this post, you will be able to properly care for your Casper Select mattress and understand which end of the mattress is the head.

Is There a Head and Foot to a Mattress?

When it comes to mattresses, the answer to the question “Is there a head and foot to a mattress?” is yes. Most mattresses have two distinct ends: the head and the foot. While there may be some exceptions, the head of the mattress is typically the end where you will find the headboard, while the foot of the mattress is the end where your feet would rest.

The head and foot of the mattress are important for a number of reasons. For one, they provide a consistent orientation for the mattress, making it easier to make the bed and ensuring that the mattress will remain in the same orientation for a longer period of time. Additionally, the head and foot can help you determine the best way to rotate your mattress, as rotating the mattress from head to foot is generally recommended to promote even wear and tear.

Ultimately, the head and foot of a mattress are an important part of any sleep setup, and knowing which end is which will help you get the most out of your mattress. So, when shopping for a mattress, be sure to consider the head and foot of the mattress to ensure you have the best possible experience.

How to Rotate a Mattress By Yourself

Rotating a mattress is a great way to help keep your mattress in top condition and extend its lifespan. However, many people don’t know exactly how to do it by themselves.

The first step is to remove your bedding, pillows, and any furniture close to the bed. If your mattress has handles on each side, you can use them to help you rotate the mattress. Otherwise, you’ll need to lift the mattress from underneath while sliding it a little forward. Make sure to keep the middle of the mattress in contact with the bed base.

Next, stand at one long edge and pull and rotate the mattress 90 degrees so that the short edge is facing you. This will move the mattress 180 degrees from the head of the bed to the foot. Lift the mattress as you slide it forward and make sure to keep it level while rotating it.

If you’re restricted by low ceilings or overhead equipment and structures, you may need to slide the mattress partially off the bed and pull it up to rotate it. When you’re done rotating, ensure that your mattress is in the right position and that it’s level.

Finally, it’s important to know whether or not you should flip and rotate your mattress. Typically, you should rotate your mattress by flipping it side-to-side and end-over-end unless your mattress tag or instructions indicate otherwise.

So there you have it – rotating a mattress by yourself is not as difficult as it may seem. With the right steps and a little bit of effort, you can keep your mattress in top condition and extend its lifespan.

Which Side is Up on a Casper Mattress?

When it comes to sleeping on a Casper mattress, it’s important to know which side is up. Since Casper mattresses are designed with zoned support, it’s important to have the softer side positioned towards your head in order to get the full benefits of the mattress. To ensure proper support, the Casper logo should be on the left side and you should be able to read the name from bottom to top.

When it comes to rotating or flipping your mattress, it’s recommended to rotate it 180 degrees once or twice a year (every 6-12 months) for latex, fiber, or memory foam mattresses. Additionally, if you’re sharing the bed with a partner, it’s important to get a mattress that will limit movement. The Casper mattress is designed for this purpose, with its AirScape technology to push heat away and keep you sleeping cool.

Finally, the Casper Comfy Mattress Topper is the perfect way to transform any mattress into a softer, more supportive sleeping surface. It’s especially beneficial for side sleepers and lighter-weight sleepers. It’s also great for light sleepers, as it helps to limit movement so you can get a good night’s rest.

In summary, a Casper mattress should be slept on so that the softer side is towards your head and the logo should be on the left side. It should be rotated 180 degrees once or twice a year and a mattress topper can help to make it even more comfortable.

Can Casper Mattress Be Flipped?

No, Casper mattresses should not be flipped. Casper mattresses are made of foam and are designed to be used on one side only. The mattress should be rotated regularly to ensure even wear. Rotating your mattress every 6-12 months if it’s new, or 2-5 times per year if it’s old will help keep your mattress in the best condition. Flipping it may cause damage and will not provide any real benefit. Even if the mattress is two-sided, flipping it may not be advisable as it may be too heavy and difficult to move.

Which Side Should the Softer Side Be Towards?

When it comes to mattresses, the softer side should always be towards the head. This is because it will provide extra cushioning and support for your head and neck, which is especially important when it comes to getting a good night’s sleep. Additionally, the softer side can help to reduce pressure on the body, helping to relieve muscle tension and promote better blood circulation. In short, having the softer side towards the head will ensure that you get the best possible sleep experience.

How Often Should You Rotate a Mattress?

Rotating your mattress is essential in keeping it in good condition and making it last longer. Depending on the type of mattress, you should rotate it every three to six months. Memory foam, latex and fiber mattresses should be rotated 180 degrees once or twice a year. Hybrid mattresses should also be rotated periodically. For innerspring mattresses, it’s recommended to flip it every three to six months and rotate it 180 degrees every two to three months. Regular mattress rotation will redistribute the weight and help to prevent sagging. It also helps to keep your mattress clean and fresh and will help you get a better night’s sleep. So, make sure to check your mattress type and follow the recommendations for rotation to keep your mattress in great condition.

Unboxing Casper Hybrid Mattress

Welcome to the exciting process of unboxing a Casper Hybrid Mattress! This is the perfect time to discover the wonders of a hybrid mattress and get ready for a great night of sleep.

Before you go ahead and start unboxing your new Casper mattress, it is important to know which end of the mattress is the head. This may seem like a simple question but it is important to know in order to orient your mattress properly.

The head of the Casper Hybrid Mattress is marked with an arrow that points towards the head of the bed. This will help you easily figure out which end of the mattress is the head when you are unboxing it. Once you have located the head, you can then get started on the unboxing process.

When unboxing your Casper Hybrid Mattress, be sure to take your time and carefully remove all of the packaging. This will help ensure that your mattress is not damaged during the unboxing process. Once you have removed all of the packaging, you can then flip the mattress over and set it up on your bed frame.

Now that you know which end of the mattress is the head, you can go ahead and enjoy the comfortable sleep that the Casper Hybrid Mattress can provide. With its combination of memory foam and pocket springs, this mattress is sure to provide you with a great night of sleep.

Happy unboxing!

Casper Mattress Setup Video

Are you looking for a quick and easy way to set up your Casper mattress? Our helpful Casper mattress setup video will walk you through the entire process, from unboxing to positioning the mattress in place. Knowing which end of the mattress should be the head can be confusing, so we’ve put together this informative guide to help you with the setup process.

First things first, when you unbox your Casper mattress, you’ll notice that there are two labels on either side. The label with the triangle should be placed at the head of the bed. This is the same for all mattress sizes, including Twin, Full, Queen, King, and California King.

Next, you’ll need to decide which side of the bed to put the head label on. Generally, people prefer to have the head of the bed against the wall, however, this is a personal preference. If you have a headboard or footboard, you’ll need to position the head label accordingly.

Once you’ve placed the head label, you can begin the setup process. The Casper mattress setup video provides a step-by-step guide to setting up your mattress. This includes instructions on how to unbox the mattress, how to place it in the bed frame, and how to arrange the bedding.

For a final touch, you may want to add your favorite pillows to the head of the bed. Then, you’re ready to enjoy a blissful night’s sleep on your Casper mattress!

Which End Of The Casper Mattress Is The Head?

It can be confusing to figure out which end of a Casper mattress is the head! After all, when you rotate a mattress, you turn it 180 degrees so that the foot of the bed is now where your head goes. However, different mattresses have different design features that can make it tricky to determine which is the head.

In general, the softer side of the mattress should be towards your head, as this provides the best zoned support for your neck and shoulders. The denser side should be toward the hips and legs to help keep them aligned with your head. Additionally, the Casper mattress has perforated foams to help keep the bed cooler, so this is something to consider when determining which end is the head.

When lying on the mattress, your hands should be near your head and your legs toward the foot of the mattress. This will ensure that you are comfortable and have the best support for your body. Additionally, it is recommended to rotate your mattress head-to-foot (180°) every six months to make sure it wears evenly.

Finally, it is important to note that the head and foot of the Casper mattress are symmetrical, so it doesn’t matter which end you choose – just make sure it is comfortable and supportive for your body.

Best Prices on Casper Mattresses

Finding the best prices on Casper mattresses can be a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be. With a bit of research and savvy shopping, you can find the perfect Casper mattress to fit your needs and your budget. Here are a few tips to help you find the best prices on Casper mattresses:

1. Shop around. Casper mattresses are available from a variety of retailers, so it pays to do a bit of comparison shopping to find the best deal. Look for discounts, sales, and free shipping offers when you’re comparing prices.

2. Consider buying online. Many online retailers offer competitive prices on Casper mattresses and often have deals that aren’t available in store. Plus, you can avoid the hassle of lugging a mattress around.

3. Look for coupons or promo codes. If you’re buying from a retailer online, be sure to check for available coupons or promo codes to make sure you’re getting the best deal possible.

4. Wait for sales. Many retailers offer sales and discounts throughout the year, so if you’re patient you may be able to snag a great deal.

Now that you know where to look for the best prices on Casper mattresses, you’re ready to start shopping. Happy mattress hunting!


In conclusion, it is important to understand which end of the Casper mattress is the head. The head of the mattress is usually the side that contain the Casper logo. It is also important to note that it is not necessary to flip the mattress, but it should be rotated every three months to ensure even wear and tear. Lastly, when unboxing a Casper mattress, be sure to watch the setup video to ensure proper assembly. With the proper care and maintenance, your Casper mattress will provide you with years of a comfortable and restful night’s sleep.

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