Who Is Mattress Mack Nbc?

Mattress Mack is a Houston-based furniture store owner, real estate investor and philanthropist. He is widely known for his generous response to Hurricane Harvey relief efforts, providing shelter and food to thousands of displaced families. He also founded the Gallery Furniture store in 1981.

James “Mattress Mack” McIngvale is a businessman, philanthropist, and media personality from Houston, Texas. Since 1983, he has owned and operated Gallery Furniture, a local furniture store, and expanded it into a national business with stores in Houston and Austin. He is also well-known for his involvement with NBC, appearing on The Morning Show and making various television appearances. In addition to his business and media ventures, Mattress Mack has made a name for himself in his community through his generosity and activism. In this blog post, we’ll explore the life and career of Mattress Mack and his legacy of giving back to his community.



Mattress Mack, also known as Jim McIngvale, is a legendary Houston businessman and philanthropist. He has been a staple in the Houston community for decades, with his now iconic furniture store Gallery Furniture serving as the hub of his philanthropy and business success. McIngvale is known for his generous spirit and for his creative and generous spirit. He’s also a major sports fan; his love of the Houston Astros led to his nickname, “Mattress Mack”. Through his store, McIngvale has been able to give back to the Houston community in numerous ways, from offering free food and furniture to those in need during Hurricane Harvey, to providing free furniture for first responders, to hosting community events at his store. Mattress Mack has become a beloved figure in the Houston community for his charitable and kindhearted nature.

Mattress Mack’s Early Life

From a young age, Jim “Mattress Mack” McIngvale was destined for greatness, having shown an entrepreneurial spirit and a drive to succeed from the very start.

Growing Up in Houston

Mattress Mack, born Jim McIngvale, is a beloved Houston figure known for his philanthropic work and strong ties to the city. But before he was a successful entrepreneur, he was just a young boy growing up in Houston.

Raised in a family of six children, McIngvale was born just outside of Houston in 1953. His family moved to the city when he was just seven years old. He attended Memorial High School, where he was a star athlete and eventually became captain of the football team.

McIngvale’s family had a strong work ethic, and he put that to good use after graduating from high school in 1971. He held a number of jobs, from working as a deliveryman for furniture stores to selling encyclopedias door-to-door.

In 1981, McIngvale opened his own furniture store, Gallery Furniture, which has become an institution in Houston. Through his business, he has become a major philanthropic force in the city, supporting a variety of charities and organizations.

McIngvale has come a long way since his days growing up in Houston, but he still remains firmly rooted in the city he calls home. His commitment to his hometown serves as a reminder of what can be accomplished when you put in the hard work and dedication.

His First Job

Mattress Mack, born Jim McIngvale, is an iconic Texas businessman and philanthropist. His early life was characterized by hard work and ambition—qualities which have served him well into his illustrious career. One of his first jobs as a young man was at his father’s furniture store in Houston, TX.

At the store, McIngvale helped his father with tasks such as loading and unloading furniture, stocking shelves, and assisting customers. This experience provided him with the foundation for his future success. McIngvale learned invaluable lessons about customer service and the inner workings of a retail business, which he used to launch his own furniture store in 1981.

The store, originally known as Gallery Furniture, quickly grew in popularity and soon became the most successful furniture store in the Houston area. McIngvale’s hard work and dedication to customer service helped propel the store to success. Today, Gallery Furniture has become a household name and is widely recognized for its philanthropic efforts and unique marketing campaigns.

McIngvale’s first job at his father’s store was the key to unlocking his greatness. Through hard work and dedication, he was able to achieve success and become the beloved entrepreneur and philanthropist known today as Mattress Mack.

Mattress Mack’s Involvement with NBC

As Mattress Mack continues to garner national attention, let’s take a closer look at his involvement with NBC.

The Morning Show

Mattress Mack, otherwise known as Jim McIngvale, is a well-known figure in the US, as he has been a prominent businessman for decades. His involvement with NBC’s The Morning Show is what has recently brought him to the public’s attention.

The Morning Show, which aired on NBC in the late 90s and early 2000s, featured Mattress Mack in several segments. In one such segment, Mack discussed his store, Gallery Furniture, and how it had grown from a small family business into a multi-million dollar enterprise. He also discussed how he was able to use his business savvy to create innovative promotions and strategies that allowed him to remain competitive in the market.

In addition to these segments, Mattress Mack also appeared in a series of commercials for Gallery Furniture. These commercials featured Mattress Mack discussing the importance of furniture quality and customer service, as well as highlighting the various promotions and discounts that the store had to offer.

The impact of Mattress Mack’s involvement with The Morning Show was far-reaching. His appearances on the show helped to make Gallery Furniture a household name, and his business acumen and promotion strategies inspired many entrepreneurs and business owners. Additionally, his commercials helped to increase the visibility of Gallery Furniture, leading to more customers and more sales.

In conclusion, Mattress Mack’s involvement with The Morning Show was instrumental in increasing the success of Gallery Furniture and in inspiring other entrepreneurs. His appearances were informative and engaging, and his commercials helped to raise awareness of the store. Mattress Mack’s involvement with The Morning Show was certainly a major factor in the success of Gallery Furniture.

TV Appearances

Mattress Mack, or Jim McIngvale, has made several TV appearances on NBC due to his philanthropic work and charitable giving. From donating mattresses to those affected by Hurricane Harvey to his generous contributions to the Houston Food Bank, Mattress Mack has earned the admiration of many in the Houston community.

One of his most notable appearances on NBC was when he was featured on the Today show in 2019. In the segment, he discussed the impact of Hurricane Harvey on Houston and the importance of giving back. He also shared his story of how he and his wife, Linda, started their furniture business.

In addition, Mattress Mack has been featured in several news segments on NBC, including a segment about his Houston store’s response to the pandemic. During the segment, he discussed the ways in which he is helping those in need by providing mattresses and other furniture items to those affected by the virus.

Finally, Mattress Mack has been a frequent guest on the MSNBC program Morning Joe. He has discussed the importance of giving back and his philanthropic work in Houston. He has also shared his story of how he and his wife started their business and the impact it has had on the Houston community.

In summary, Mattress Mack has made several appearances on NBC, from the Today show to MSNBC’s Morning Joe, to discuss his philanthropic work and the impact of Hurricane Harvey on Houston. His appearances have helped bring attention to his work and have further solidified his status as an admired leader in the Houston community.

Mattress Mack’s Business Ventures

Not only is Mattress Mack a beloved and generous Houstonian, but he is also a savvy entrepreneur who has achieved success in multiple business ventures. Let’s take a closer look at Mattress Mack’s Furniture Store and his other ventures.

Mattress Mack’s Furniture Store

Mattress Mack’s Furniture Store is a renowned furniture store chain founded by legendary business icon Jim “Mattress Mack” McIngvale. With decades of experience in the furniture industry, Mattress Mack has leveraged his expertise to create a furniture empire. From one store in Houston, Texas, the business has grown to become one of the largest furniture store chains in the United States.

The customer-first approach employed by Mattress Mack is a key factor in the success of his business. He strives to provide top quality furniture at affordable prices, while offering excellent customer service. The store also offers financing options, making it easier for customers to purchase the furniture they need.

Mattress Mack’s Furniture Store also offers a wide variety of furniture styles, from traditional to modern. The store carries furniture for every room in the house, including living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, home offices, and more. Customers can also shop online for furniture from the store’s website.

In addition to offering quality furniture, Mattress Mack’s Furniture Store also offers home decor and accessories. Customers can find everything from rugs and lamps to throw pillows, wall art, and decorative accents. The store also has a wide selection of mattresses, ensuring customers have the perfect mattress for their needs.

Overall, Mattress Mack’s Furniture Store is a great choice for anyone looking for quality furniture at an affordable price. With its customer-first approach and wide selection of furniture and home decor products, Mattress Mack’s Furniture Store is the perfect place for anyone looking for furniture.

Expansion of Business

Jim “Mattress Mack” McIngvale, the iconic Houston-based furniture store owner, has become known for his successful business ventures. His relentless entrepreneurial spirit has enabled him to expand his business, turning him into a household name.

Mattress Mack’s business expansion began with the opening of his first furniture store in 1981. Since then, he has grown his business into an empire that includes four stores, a mattress delivery service, and an online store.

Mack’s most recent venture is the opening of a new showroom in the Houston Galleria mall. This new store is the largest of its kind and features the latest in furniture design and technology.

In addition to the showroom, Mack has also opened a mattress factory in Houston. This factory allows him to produce top-quality mattresses and deliver them to customers in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Mack’s business ventures have also extended to the world of philanthropy. He has donated millions of dollars to charity and has been a major supporter of local and national organizations.

All in all, Mattress Mack’s business expansion has been a remarkable success. His bold and innovative approach has allowed him to become one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the country. With his continued growth, there is no doubt that Mattress Mack will continue to be a force to be reckoned with in the business world.

Mattress Mack’s Philanthropic Contributions

Mattress Mack is well known for his philanthropic contributions, which exhibit his immense generosity and dedication to charitable causes.


Known for his relentless philanthropy, Mattress Mack, founder of the Houston-based Mattress Firm and Gallery Furniture, has become an immortal figure in the city for his generous donations to the community. His philanthropic endeavors are rooted in his belief in the power of generosity and its ability to bring people together.

Mattress Mack is best known for his generosity towards the Houston community, where he has donated millions of dollars to local charities and organizations. His most notable contribution was donating $1 million to the Houston Food Bank in 2018. He has also donated to various other causes including the Houston Fire Department, Houston Police Department, and Toys for Tots.

In addition to his monetary contributions, Mattress Mack has been a major advocate for the power of volunteering. He has personally taken part in numerous volunteer initiatives, from delivering furniture to homes damaged by Hurricane Harvey to providing hot meals to those in need.

Through his philanthropic contributions and volunteerism, Mattress Mack has proven that generosity can make a real difference in the lives of those around us. His example is an inspiration to all of us to be more generous and make a positive impact in our own communities.

Charities Supported

Mattress Mack, also known as Jim McIngvale, is a philanthropist and businessman who has devoted much of his life to helping others through his charitable contributions. His contributions to charities have been significant and wide-reaching.

One of the main charities that Mattress Mack supports is the Houston Firefighters Foundation. This charity provides financial assistance to local firefighters and their families after a tragedy or emergency. Mattress Mack has donated over $1 million to this foundation to help those in need.

Another charity he supports is the Houston Food Bank. This charity provides food and meals to those in need. Mattress Mack has donated a significant amount of money to the Houston Food Bank over the years.

Mattress Mack has also been very involved with the Houston SPCA. He has donated over $500,000 to the organization, and he even serves on the board of directors. His donations have helped the organization provide shelter and medical care to animals in need.

Finally, Mattress Mack has also been involved with the Houston Symphony and the Houston Ballet. He has donated large sums of money to both organizations to help support their performances and outreach programs.

In conclusion, Mattress Mack has made significant contributions to many charities, including the Houston Firefighters Foundation, the Houston Food Bank, the Houston SPCA, and the Houston Symphony and Houston Ballet. His generous donations have helped to provide aid and assistance to those in need.

Mattress Mack’s Impact on His Community

Mattress Mack is more than just a successful businessman; he is an inspiring leader in his community, and his commitment to philanthropy and activism is an example to us all. Let’s take a closer look at how he has impacted his community through his activism and business model.

Community Activism

Jim McIngvale, better known as Mattress Mack, is known for his community activism in Houston, Texas. From giving away furniture to those affected by Hurricane Harvey to his most recent Feed the Need Houston initiative, Mattress Mack has been instrumental in helping those in need.

When Hurricane Harvey hit Houston in 2017, Mattress Mack opened up his two Gallery Furniture stores and allowed those affected by the storm to come in and take whatever they needed. This act of generosity, which he called the “Gallery Furniture Harvey Relief Effort,” was just one example of his commitment to helping his community.

More recently, in response to the coronavirus pandemic, Mattress Mack started the Feed the Need Houston initiative to provide meals to those in need. He has partnered with local restaurants to provide over 1 million meals to those affected by the pandemic.

Mattress Mack’s commitment to his community has been an inspiration to many, and his acts of kindness have been invaluable to those in need. His tireless efforts to help those in his community are a testament to his commitment to making a difference.

Business Model

Mattress Mack, real name Jim McIngvale, is a business mogul and philanthropist in Texas who has had a massive impact on his community. His business model is based on providing a wide selection of quality products at affordable prices. He also puts an emphasis on customer service, offering free delivery and a variety of financing options.

McIngvale’s model has proven to be successful, as evidenced by his stores’ consistent growth and expansion. He has become a beloved figure in the Houston area, donating millions of dollars to local charities and other causes. He has been known to open his stores to those affected by natural disasters, providing much needed aid and supplies.

McIngvale’s business model has been widely praised and is an example of how a company can serve its customers and community with integrity and generosity. His dedication to his customers and city is truly admirable and sets an example for others in business.


In conclusion, Mattress Mack has had a lasting impact on his community and beyond. From his humble beginnings in Houston to his appearances on the NBC morning show, he has used his philanthropic contributions, business success, and community activism to make a difference in the lives of many. His legacy will live on for generations to come.

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