Can You Return Mattress To Ikea?

Yes, you can return a mattress to IKEA. Returns are accepted within 365 days of purchase, and you must provide proof of purchase to be eligible for a full refund. For more information, contact IKEA customer service or visit their website.

Have you ever wondered if you can return a mattress to Ikea? If so, you’re not alone. Many people have asked the same question, and it is no surprise why. Mattresses are expensive, and it can be difficult to make the right decision when purchasing one. In this article, we will explore the Ikea return policy and guarantee, and how to return a mattress to Ikea. We will also discuss what Ikea does with returned mattresses, and the benefits of returning a mattress to Ikea. By the end of this article, you will have a better understanding of Ikea’s return policies and procedures.

Ikea Return Policy and Guarantee

Knowing the answer to these questions can help you make an informed decision when purchasing a mattress from Ikea. Let’s dive deeper into Ikea’s return policy and guarantee to find out if you can return a mattress.

How Long Do You Have to Return a Mattress?

Ikea has a generous return policy for mattresses, allowing customers to return their mattress within 365 days of purchase. If the mattress is unopened and in its original packaging, customers can return it within 120 days. If customers don’t love their mattress after trying it out for 30 days, they have the option to exchange it for a different mattress., on the other hand, has a more stringent return policy that requires customers to return the mattress within 30 days of receipt of shipment.

The best option for customers is to return the mattress quickly if they decide it is not the right fit for them. By doing this, they can ensure they get the best support and comfort from their mattress and save themselves the hassle of having to go through the return process. It is important to remember that Ikea offers a 365-day guarantee on all mattresses, so customers can rest assured that their purchase is covered no matter how long they keep the mattress.

Can You Return a Mattress If You Don’t Like It?

Yes, you can return a mattress to Ikea if you don’t like it. Ikea offers a 25-year guarantee on all mattresses, meaning you can exchange your mattress for another model if you’re not satisfied with it. All Ikea mattresses come with a 90-day trial period during which you can return or exchange it for any reason. You’ll need to bring the mattress back to the store for the exchange, and you’ll be responsible for the return shipping costs if you’re returning it to Ikea. It’s important to note that the mattress must be in good condition and not stained, soiled, or damaged in any way in order for Ikea to accept the return.

How to Exchange Your Mattress?

If you’re not completely satisfied with your mattress, then you may be wondering how to exchange it. Fortunately, there are a few different ways to make a mattress exchange and get the comfort and support you need. Here is a comprehensive guide for how to exchange your mattress:

1. Contact the Mattress Company: Call, email or live chat with the mattress company to let them know you want to return your mattress. Make sure you have all the necessary information, such as your order number and the date of purchase.

2. Check the Returns Policy: Depending on the mattress company, you might be able to return your mattress for free. For instance, IKEA offers a 365-day trial period, so you can try out your mattress for up to a year and return it if you’re not satisfied.

3. Arrange a Pickup: For physical retailers, the most common return method is for the store to send a truck to your house for pick up. If you’re unable to leave your home, you can also arrange for a courier to pick up the mattress from your house for a fee.

4. Check the Return Conditions: Before returning your mattress, make sure you take care of it in the meantime and that it’s not soiled or damaged. Some companies may reject a mattress in these conditions, so it’s best to check the return conditions before making the exchange.

5. Get a Replacement: Once you’ve made the exchange, you can get a replacement mattress with the same company or a different one. Be sure to compare different mattresses and find the one that best suits your needs.

By following these steps, you’ll be able to exchange your mattress and get the comfort and support you need.

How to Return an Item to Ikea?

IKEA allows returns & exchanges within 365 days of purchase, with proof of receipt and the card used for purchase. Opened items can be returned within 180 days. Customers can also return items online for a full refund. If exchanging, customers may bring the items to an IKEA store or opt for store credit with the buy-back program.

If you’ve opened your mattress and have decided that it isn’t the right choice for you, here’s how you can return an opened item to Ikea.

How to Return an Opened Item to Ikea?

Returning an opened item to IKEA is easy and convenient. Customers can return opened items within 180 days for a full refund, while IKEA Family members can return products within 365 days of purchase if the IKEA Family card was used. However, perishable, frozen, refrigerated, open or unpacked items are not accepted.

To return an opened item to IKEA, start by taking the item to the nearest IKEA store. Bring the product packaging, instructions, and your receipt. Then, go to the customer service desk and explain that you need to return an opened item. The customer service representative will verify that the item is eligible for return and process the return.

If you purchased the item online, you can still return it to a physical store. However, you need to contact IKEA customer service first to obtain an online return label. The return label should be attached to the box securely and the item should be dropped off at the nearest UPS store.

No matter how you decide to return your item, always make sure to handle the item carefully and follow IKEA’s return policy. This way, you can rest assured that you can get a full refund or exchange your item quickly and easily.

How to Return an Unopened Item to Ikea?

Returning an unopened item to Ikea is a straightforward process. IKEA’s generous 365-day return policy allows customers to return their unopened items for a full refund if the item is still in its packaging. To take advantage of this policy, customers must bring their receipt and valid government issued photo ID to an IKEA store.

To ensure a successful return, customers should check the item thoroughly to make sure it is unopened and all parts are included. Customers should also double-check the item is eligible for return, as some items may have special return restrictions. If these requirements are met, IKEA will refund the full purchase price within 90 days.

For customers who need to return an opened, assembled item, IKEA still offers a generous return policy. Within 365 days of the purchase, customers can return opened, assembled items for exchange or refund. To do so, customers must bring their receipt and valid government issued photo ID to an IKEA store.

Overall, returning an item to Ikea is a hassle-free process. With their generous 365-day return policy, customers can rest assured that they will be able to return their unopened items for a full refund if the item is still in its packaging. For customers who need to return opened, assembled items, IKEA still offers a generous return policy within 365 days of the purchase.

Can You Return a Used Mattress to Ikea?

Yes, you can return a used mattress to Ikea within 90 days of purchase. This is part of Ikea’s ‘Love it or Exchange it’ policy which allows customers to exchange their mattress once within 90 days if they are not satisfied with it. To return a used mattress, you must have your receipt and valid government issued photo ID with you. Refunds will be given in the form of the original payment method. Additionally, any mattress that has been marked, soiled or stained is not eligible for a return or exchange.

If you are unable to return the used mattress within 90 days, you can still bring it back to any IKEA store within 365 days of purchase with the original receipt or proof of purchase. This is a great way to ensure you can still get a refund or exchange your mattress even if it has been used.

Overall, Ikea makes it easy to return or exchange mattresses, even if they have been used. If you are not satisfied with your mattress, make sure to take advantage of the ‘Love it or Exchange it’ policy to get the most out of your purchase.

What Does Ikea Do With Returned Mattresses?

When a mattress is returned to IKEA, the company takes it, packages it, and stores it. Customers must bring their purchased mattress and receipt to the IKEA store to be eligible for a replacement. If the mattress is dirty, marked, or damaged, it cannot be exchanged. IKEA fully deconstructs the mattress so the parts can be used for other non-bedding products. Metal parts are sent for recycling, fabric and foam can be made into carpet underlay, and felt and wood can be used for insulation. Customers must have their receipt and valid government-issued photo ID to return or exchange their mattress. Refunds are provided subject to the returned item’s condition and IKEA may resell some returned items through their “as-is” section. According to IKEA, at least 80% of a mattress can be recycled. In California, IKEA mattress returns are sent to Furniture Bank, and the company donates money to the organization. IKEA customers can return opened items within 180 days of purchase and a receipt or invoice is required. Ultimately, IKEA takes returned mattresses, deconstructs them for recycling, and resells some items in their “as-is” section.

Ikea Return Check-In and Pick Up

To ensure a smooth return process, Ikea provides customers with an in-store check-in and pick up service for mattress returns.

Ikea’s Return Process

Ikea’s return process is straightforward and hassle-free. Customers who need to return mattresses to Ikea can do so by first checking in their item in-store or online, then scheduling a pick up.

In-store check-in involves bringing the mattress to the store and speaking to a customer service representative. During the check-in, customers must provide proof of purchase, such as a receipt. They can also provide any additional information, such as why the mattress needs to be returned.

To check-in online, customers must first log in to their Ikea account and select the item they are returning. They must then provide proof of purchase and any additional information. Once the information is submitted, an email will be sent to the customer confirming the return.

Once the check-in is complete, customers must schedule a pick-up. This can be done either online or in-store. Online pick-up requires customers to provide their address and contact information, and the store will then contact them to arrange for the mattress to be collected. In-store pick-up requires customers to speak to a customer service representative to arrange for the mattress to be collected.

Overall, Ikea’s return process is simple and convenient. Customers who need to return a mattress to Ikea can easily check-in in-store or online, then schedule a pick-up in the same manner. With this convenient process, returning an item to Ikea is stress-free and hassle-free.

Ikea’s Return Pick Up

Yes, you can easily return your mattress to Ikea. At check-in, you will have to provide your original receipt and the mattress in its original packaging. Ikea will then inspect the mattress and provide you with a return authorization. Once the authorization is approved, Ikea will arrange for pick-up of the mattress. The pick-up time and location will be communicated to you after the authorization is approved.

To ensure a hassle-free return pick-up, make sure to have the mattress in its original packaging and ready for pick-up. Additionally, provide your contact information to Ikea so they can contact you if there are any issues or delays.

In conclusion, returning a mattress to Ikea is a simple and hassle-free process. All you need to do is provide your original receipt, the mattress in its original packaging, and contact information. Ikea will then arrange for pick-up of the mattress and communicate the pick-up time and location.


In conclusion, it is possible to return a mattress to Ikea. The return policy and guarantee give customers the chance to return a mattress if they don’t like it, exchange it, or even return a used mattress. The return process and pick up are both easy and convenient. All in all, Ikea provides customers with the opportunity to return a mattress if necessary, making it a great option for anyone looking to purchase a mattress.

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